måndag 12 april 2010

Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta!

Today is a big day for a Microsoft developer like myself. Not only is Visual Studio 2010 released but we also see a long awaited sign of life from the Surface Team! Today, for Surface Parters only, Microsoft releases The Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta. This was first announced at PDC and is said to be Microsoft Surface controls, templates, and samples to easily create applications that are optimized for multi-touch interaction and that run on Windows Touch PCs.

The Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta is a set of controls, APIs, templates, sample applications and documentation currently available for Surface developers. With the .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation Framework 4.0, and this toolkit, Windows Touch developers can quickly and consistently create advanced multi-touch experiences for Windows Touch PCs. One really interesting part is that this toolkit is supposed to provid a jump-start for Surface application developers to prepare for the next version of Microsoft Surface.

What the next version of Surface is, or when it is, is still hidden for the masses but boy, do I look forward to it!

Will be back with more after I have downloaded and played with the toolkit!