måndag 19 september 2011

Getting ready for Surface 2

The release of Surface 2 is getting closer! This summer Microsoft released the Surface 2.0 SDK and with that you can easily create applications to take advantage of the next generation Surface computing device or Windows 7 touch-enabled devices. So don’t let the lack of hardware prevent you from starting those Surface 2 projects that you are planning! Here is a list of resources that you can use to kick start and to prepare for Surface 2.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK and Runtime
With the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK, you can easily create applications to take advantage of the next generation Surface computing device or Windows 7 touch-enabled devices

Microsoft Surface 2 Design and Interaction Guide
The Microsoft Surface 2.0 Design and Interaction Guide helps designers and developers create Surface applications for Microsoft Surface and Windows 7 touch PCs. Developing compelling Surface experiences requires a different approach to interface design. This document presents design principles and guidelines to address key aspects of application interface design including: interaction, visual, sound, text, and more. These principles and practices are a starting point to get the most out of the Surface software and hardware platform’s unique capabilities.

Microsoft Surface 2 Development Whitepaper
This paper provides an overview of the Microsoft Surface application development process. It provides detailed information about the Surface platform and unique capabilities of the hardware. Topics include the Surface 2.0 SDK, vision based touch input, and system architecture. This development whitepaper covers the basic end-to-end process for creating great Surface applications.

Social Stream for Microsoft Surface 2.0
Social Stream for Microsoft Surface is a sample application created in collaboration between Microsoft and Stimulant, Inc. It’s an interactive way for businesses to engage their customers face-to-face using the most recent and relevant Twitter, Flickr, and RSS newsfeeds.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK documentation

Surface forums on MSDN


The Microsoft Surface Blog

Follow Surface on Twitter

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  2. It's really an important post about surface computing.


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  4. Hello,

    I am really happy I came across your site. I do have one question I was hoping you can help me with.

    I am trying to get surface 2 to work with unity3d.

    I have tried a few different approaches but no luck. I can get the touch into Unity3d but not the marking tracking

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