fredag 8 maj 2009

The coolest project in Sweden!

Finally it’s settled, we are going to the conference From Business to Buttons in Malmö, Sweden with our Surface-table. It will be placed in the exhibition area together with Ergonomidesign. Now we are about to start to develop an application together with a clear goal in mind – It will run on the table in Malmö in exactly one month later!

The project kicks off on Monday and the project group consists of a nice mix of designers and developers. Connecta will line up some really cool and extremely talented Surface developers and architects and from Ergonomidesign there will be a couple of wizards in User Experience Design and User Interface Design. This will be a great opportunity to try a real Designer/Developer Workflow!

Of course we will be using Visual Studio on the developer side and all the resources from the designers will be done in xaml using all sorts of tools and of course Expression Blend.

In Blend 3 Microsoft has finally added the ability to work integrated with source control so we will be using Team Foundation Server for Application Lifecycle Management. The only caveat is that you have to add the project to source control using Visual Studio and you have to bring the solution to the client using Visual Studio of team foundation command line tools. But once that is done Blend will light up the user interface and give the ability to work with source control from context menus in the Project pane.

The designers will be using SketchFlow in Belnd 3 to create the user experience design and I’m really looking forward to see the results from that. Even if it won’t work 100% with the Surface Simulator we could always build the first user experience prototype as a normal WPF client.

Earlier this week we had a telephone conference with Mr Surface, Dr Niel Roodyn, from Sydney Australia. We were supposed to use Skype but I hadn’t tried using it with Windows 7 so I couldn’t get the microphone to work – my bad. Dr Neil will be our moral support during the project and will hopefully come with some interesting insights during the progress of the project. First of all we will shot some ideas on him to get help in finding the right path to success. Now I’m using Windows 7 RC and hopefully Skype will work better next time. Otherwise we will have to start paying for the loooong distance calls to Australia.

So, now if someone is really jealous that Connecta and Ergonomidesign have the coolest project in Sweden right now, I can only say that I totally understand you!

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  1. Roligt! Ser fram emot resultatet, du får lägga upp lite bilder/filmer så man kan se vad som händer!