torsdag 18 juni 2009


During the last weeks I and some other people from Connecta have been involved in a project together with Ergonomidesign. Our goal was to build something to showcase on the conference From Business to Buttons that took place last week in Malmö, Sweden. Our case was to build an application that could exist in a retail telecom store, attracting customers to the store and making them stay longer.

Our application, Sonicspree, contains of two sides. On side is called the Store Mode and the other is called the Quiz Mode and both have a clear music focus. The part that we have developed so far is he music quiz.

While creating Sonicspree we have stayed true to some really important fundamentals of design for Microsoft Surface and that is 360 degrees UI, interaction with physical objects and multi user.

The game can be played by up to six people at the same time, spread around the table. Each player has a player area where the player score is kept. The game starts when someone rolls two dice to decide genres for the music in the quiz. When the dice are removed album covers start floating around the screen with the back side facing up and a song from one of the two genres starts playing. Each user starts dragging covers to the center of the table where the front side is revealed. When a user finds the matching cover to the song that is playing she drags that cover to her player area.

The dice and the flip-flop that is used to change from quiz mode to store mode are custom made by Ergonomidesign.

Quiz mode

Store mode

Custom made dice

Playing the game

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