tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Surface developing in Visual Studio 2010

Today it was time to install Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and my hope was to be able to develop Surface Application on the new and sweet Beta 2. Installation of Visual Studio 2010 on a clean Windows 7 was really smooth and easy. The installation was fast and I installed everything except C++ since it is not my mother tongue. Since Team Explorer now is included in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate that also is a time saver! Not to mention not having to install SP1 on Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 that takes a lot of time!

After the installation of Visual Studio 2010 I installed the XNA Framework Redistributable 2.0. And then it was time to time for Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1, Workstation Edition. Now to the first problem. In that installation file there is a startup check that needs to be modified. The check looks for Visual Studio 2008 and that can be handled the same way as I handled installing Surface SDK 1.0 on Windows 7 Beta. So read that post and download the vbs-file since it will be needed!

Drag the SurfaceSDKWE-file and drop it on the vbs-file. This will remove the startup-check for Visual Studio 2008 and will let you install the Surface SDK without having Visual Studio 2008.

After the installation of the Surface SDK is finished you have to copy the templates from \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Surface\v1.0\Project Templates\ and \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Surface\v1.0\Item Templates and place them in the corresponding folders under \Users\surface.developer\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\. Just copy the files there and don’t unzip them.

Start Visual Studio 2010, click on New Project and create a new project based on the Surface Application (WPF) that is placed under Visual C#. Make sure to select .NET Framework 3.5 before clicking OK!

When I tried to open the project that I’m working on right now I was hit by the project upgrade wizard that wants to upgrade the solution file from 2008 to 2010. This stops med from start using Visual Studio 2010 until the whole team upgrades. This is really sad since it won’t happen at the moment. So the way Visual Studio handles solution files hinders partial team upgrade.

There still might be things that won’t work when developing Surface applications on Visual Studio 2010 and if you find anything please let me know!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Faen! :/

    Came across your blog while sitting here considering to install vs2k10 as it is released today!

    Saving myself the trouble until I'm done with the surface application I'm working on now. It was hard enough to get it up and running on w7 x64 :)

    I was really hoping for some straight out of the box solution for surface with vs2k10.


  2. Hey again.

    I couldn't wait and installed vs2k10 on a box here, and got it up and running :)

    Are you working on an actual surface platform, or are you using the emulator? Have you tried to run any application compiled in vs2k10 on the platform it self?

    We are currently just using the emulator as we're waiting for the platform, and I was just curious if you had any experience with this.

    Stian Farstad

  3. Hi. I don't meen to spam your blog, but I was curious on how your project is going?

    I got the sdk up and running on vs2k10 after we were done. We got the platform one day before our project was due. Artig leksak :)

    Atm I'm porting the project to WPF 4.0 and MS Touch. I was wondering if you got a good solution for your scrollviewer/circular listboxproblem? Also were you able to get the surfaceshell not to crash when running vs2k10 and the surface sdk sp1 with .net 3.5?

    This is our result btw :)


    Best regards,
    Stian Farstad