torsdag 8 januari 2009

I'm a Surface Developer, yes I am!

This blog, Surface Developer, is about developing for the Microsoft Surface.

The company that I work for, Connecta AB, finally agreed to let me order a Surface table yesterday. So now we have assigned a Scrum Master, formed a Scrum team, set one person responsible for the business parts and myself as responsible for the technical aspects. I will also be part of the Scrum team as a developer.

Hopefully I will get someone else from the team to contribute to this blog but I will wait with any deeper presentation of the team members until then.

I myself also run a blog in Swedish at but my feeling is that this might attract an international horde of readers so I assume that English is a more suitable language.

Hopefully we will be able to post videos, pictures and stuff about the applications that we develop.

Right now I'm waiting for a comfirmation of my order and a planned delivery date and it is also time to start planning a kick off!

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